Admission to Classes I to IX

Note :   Directorate School Education, Haryana has informed vide circular No. 1/15-2017ACD(4) dt.27.01.2023 that any child who is admitted to Class I during the Session 2023-2024 must attain the age of 5 years and 6 months as on 31.03.2023 and in the following sessions, the prescribed age for admission to Class I shall be 6 years as on 31st March.  So the parents whose child is born after 30 Sep, 2017 are advised not to register the child for Class I


Vijaya Sr. Sec. School
(Affiliated to CBSE)
Mohan Nagar, Jhajjar Road

Admission To I to IX (Session 2023-2024)

Registration for admission is open for classes I to IX. Registration can be made online/offline. Before the Registration Form is filled up and submitted, the following information be noted meticulously.

1 – There is single Registration Form for admission to any branch of the school, viz; as under

(i)  Vijaya Sr. Sec. School, Mohan Nagar, Jhajjar Road, Bahadurgarh (Note : Here school transport facility is not available upto class VIII) and

(ii)  Vijaya Sr. Sec. School, Lowa Khurd, Bahadurgarh. (Note : Here school transport facility is  available within the Municipal limit of Bahadurgarh and  nearby villages, namely, Lowa Khurd, Nuna Majra, Dulhera, Daboda Khurd, Mehndipur Daboda, Naya Gaon, Ballor & Jakhoda ). The school is situated near DPS 7km Milestone on Bahadurgarh – Jhajjar Road. The building has been erected on 6 acre of land making compliance of all the latest norms and safety measures. To reach every corner of the building with ease there is ramp and a lift . The playground of 3 arce has been developed in two parts to arrange  facilities for number of games. Inside the building, three lawns have been provided to release the soothing effect to the students and staff and to create the environment which is conducive to learn and teach. Very soon, the building shall  be fully air-conditioned and we shall try to add an indoor stadium at an early date.

2- The last date for Registration is  06.03.2023 for Classes  I to IX

3- In case of Online Registration, the acknowledgement shall be generated there and then.

4- In case of offline registration, the registration form is available at both the branches but  be deposited only at Mohan Nagar Branch against proper receipt.

5- No of seats available (Classes I to IX) :











No of seats available at Mohan Nagar Branch





No of seats available at Lowa Khurd Branch









 6 –  The admission to classes I to IX shall be made on merit on the basis of entrance test to be conducted on 12.03.2023 (Sunday) at 9.00 am. The student must secure atleast 70% marks in each subject in entrance test to be eligible for consideration for admission. The subjects of entrance test for admission to classes I to V are (i) English,   (ii) Maths and  (iii) Hindi and for admission to classes VI to IX the subjects are (i) English  (ii)  Maths   and  (iii) Science. The question Paper of each subject shall be of one hour duration and carries 25 marks. 

The entrance test shall be conducted only at Vijaya Sr. Sec. School, village Lowa Khurd  for all the students who make registration for admission to any class at Mohan Nagar branch or Lowa Khurd branch. The students must reach at school premises for entrance test by 8.45 am carrying photocopy of his / her Aadhar Card and writing material. The result of the entrance test as well as schedule of admission to be made shall be displayed  on notice board of both the branches of the school as well as on the website of school ( on 16.03.2023 at 10am. The schedule of admission to be made shall also be whatsapped to the concerned parents. In case, the admission is not made on the earmarked date, no further opportunity shall be given and admission is deemed as cancelled. The syllabus  for the entrance test is given as under :

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – I (2023-24): – 

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – II(2023-24):-

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – III(2023-24) :-

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – IV(2023-24):-

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – V(2023-24) :-

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – VI (2023-24):-   

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – VII (2023-24):- 

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – VIII (2023-24):-

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – IX (2023-24):-   

Admission fee and Tuition fee for the Session 2023-2024 ( Charges are the same for both the branches)



Admission Fee

(One Time)





Brother/Sister Concession

Rs. 1000/- (Per year)

Tuition Fee per month :



I – VI

Rs. 3050/-


Rs. 3300/-


Rs. 3400/-


Rs. 3700/-


(Commerce & Humanities)

Rs. 4600/-



Rs. 5000/-

Transport Charges per month at Mohan Nagar Branch (IX and above).

Within Municipal limit of Bahadurgarh


Outside  Municipal limit of Bahadurgarh

(Except Daboda Khurd & Dulhera)


Daboda Khurd & Dulhera


III         Transport Charges per month at  Lowa Khurd Branch  :   Rs.1000/- (For all existing routes)


1) Cash Transaction is not allowed.

2) All the Admission process for all the classes for all the branches shall be completed at Mohan Nagar branch. At the time of Admission, charges can be deposited through cheque / Debit Card / Credit cards. Once the admission is made, username and password shall be conveyed  to the parents on whatsapp for online payment of tuition fee.

3) The tuition fee can be deposited monthly / quarterly as per the convenience of the parents ; in either case it must be submitted  by 15th of the month to avoid any penalty / removal of student  from the class.

4) Cancellation of Admission : Admission fee is refundable in full in case request is made to cancel the admission within one month of the date of admission. If such request is made after one month and upto two months of the date of admission, 50% admission fee is refundable. No refund of admission fee shall be made if the request for cancellation of admission is submitted after two months from the date of admission.