Sports & Co-Curricular Activities

There are few things as joyful to behold as children at play. Also, a child’s body needs to be exercised as much as the mind. We ensure that this happens in a systematic way and in a supervised environment. Thus, not only do we have the facilities for all major sports, we also have specialist coaches to make good use of the infrastructure. The school can boast of its sports facilities which are all state of the art and fit to host all national and international tournaments. We have been participating regularly in CBSE Table Tennis Tournament and Inter School Contests under the banner of Sahodaya. Thrice we have participated in the CBSE Table Tennis National Tournament. In September, 2018 our TT Team secured second position in CBSE cluster tournament and participated in

A child’s overall growth

We foster our students to perceive their potentials and achieve their targets in a coordinated environment. We endeavoured to provide the best and purposeful atmosphere and will keep trying in future to provide the admirable learning experience.
We not only teach, but mould are pupils into an impactive personality. 

We believe in working together and we ensure we work in a direction which defines our students path into something meaningful. We’ve been consistent in adding a value to the lives of our students and will continue in the same direction.

Core Values

“To nurture individuals towards excellence in a happy, value based and progressive learning community”