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From The Desk Of Chairman

Everyone dreams of success in every walk of life. The dream is realistic provided the efforts are made in a planned way. This planned way starts from the moment a kid steps in the school. Approach should be to understand the subject thoroughly. Lust for marks be abandoned. Once the concept is clear, success is in store. Only attainment of knowledge is not enough. You must be able to transfer your knowledge into action. In this regard, you must be enriched in writing and speaking skill. Actually, people set their goal but utilize their energy in a halfhearted way. They underestimate their potential. One right decision or one wrong decision can change the entire course of life. I have seen when students do not get the desired rank in entrance examination for admission to IIT / NEET , they take it as their defeat and sometimes are badly disappointed. In fact, it is their failure only at that time. Failure is the first step towards success. Failure accelerates your energy to achieve your target but if you take it as your defeat it will throw you out of the struggle. What is required is extraordinary determination in life to obtain what you want.

यकीन हो तो कोई रास्ता निकलता है।
दीया हवा की ओट भी लेकर जलता है।