Admission to Classes XI

Vijaya Sr. Sec. School
(Affiliated to CBSE)
Mohan Nagar, Jhajjar Road


Admission To Class XI (Session 2023-2024)

Registration for admission to Class XI Science ( Medical, Non Medical), Commerce and Humanities Streams is open online / offline. Before the Registration Form is filled up and submitted, the following information be noted meticulously.
  1. The last date for Registration is 22.03.2023. In case of online Registration, the acknowledgement shall be generated there and then. In case of offline registration, the Registration Form is available from the office and be deposited there against proper receipt.
  2. The admission shall be made on merit on the basis of entrance test to be conducted on 26.03.2023(Sunday) at 10.00am at school premises of the school at Mohan Nagar, Jhajjar Road. The result thereof shall be displayed on the notice board of the school as well as on the website of the school on 30.03.2023 at 10am.
  3. The students who are allowed admission can join the regular classes of XI Standard to be commenced w.e.f 10.04.2023 (School timings : 8.00 am to 2.10 pm). Before joining the class, it is mandatory for the students to deposit the tuition fee and transport charges (if applicable) for the month of April 2023 by 07.04.2023 (Friday), failing which, the permission for admission stands cancelled without any further notice. Admission shall be made after the declaration of result of Class X Examination 2023.Till 30.04.2023, the students can join the classes in school uniform of their previous school (If they so desire) but w.e.f Ist May, the students must be in school (Vijaya School) uniform.
  4. The combination of subjects for study in Class XI  is given in the Registration Form
  5. Syllabus for Entrance Test is given as follows:-
  6. (Name of chapter is as per NCERT Book of Class X )

English :- Section-A (Reading) 

1- Discursive passage of 400-450 words.

Section-B (Grammar and writing skill)

2- Grammar

* Tenses     * Modals     * Subject-verb concord  * Reported Speech        * Determiners

3- Writing Skil

(A) Letter Writing

* To Editor           * Letter of Enquiry               * Placing Order                     * Complaints

(B) Analytical paragraph

Physics           Ch- 10 (Light) , Ch- 12 (Electricity)  ,Ch- 13 (Magnetism)

Chemistry      Ch- 2 (Acid, Bases and Salts), Ch- 3 (Metals and Non metals),

Ch- 4 (Carbon and its Compounds)

Maths :-          Ch- 4(Quadratic Equation),Ch- 5(Arithmetic Progression Series),Ch- 7 (Co-ordinate Geometry)

                        Ch- 8 (Trigonometry) , Ch-14 (Statistics) ,   Ch- 15 (Probability)

Biology           Ch- 6 (Life Process) , Ch- 7 (Control and coordination), Ch- 8 (Reproduction)

                         Ch- 9 (Heredity)

Economics :- Ch- 1 (Development) , Ch- 2 (Sectors of the Indian Economy) , Ch- 3 (Money and Credit)

                        Ch- 4 (Globalization and Indian Economy)

Geography   :- Ch- 1 (Resources and Development),  Ch- 4 (Agriculture)

                        Ch- 5 (Mineral and Energy Resources), Ch- 6 (Manufacturing Industries)

                        Ch- 7 (Lifelines of National Economy)

Civics :-           Ch- 1 (Power Sharing), Ch- 2 (Federalism), Ch- 4 (Gender , Religion and Caste)

                        Ch- 6  (Political Parties), Ch- 7 (Outcomes of Democracy)

Subjects of Entrance Test, Time Duration and maximum marks are given below  :


Stream Applied For

Subjects of Entrance

Time duration of each paper

Maximum Marks of each paper


Science (Non Medical)

Maths, Physics & Chemistry

1 hour



Science (Medical)

 Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths (if Maths opted)

1 hour



Commerce (with Maths)

Maths, English and Economics

1 hour



Commerce (without Maths)

English and Economics

1 hour



Humanities (with Maths)

Maths, English and combined paper of Civics & Geography

1 hour



Humanities (without Maths)

English,  Economics and combined paper of Civics & Geography

1 hour


6          Tentative No. of Seats  :  Science (Medical & Non Medical)   :  15  ,  Commerce   :  30 

                                                                        Humanities  : 10

Syllabus for Entrance Test Class – I (2023-24):-

7                                         Admission fee   and Tuition fee  for the Session 2023-2024



Admission Fee

(One Time)





Brother/Sister Concession

Rs. 1000/- (Per year)

Tuition Fee per month :




(Commerce & Humanities)

Rs. 4600/-



Rs. 5000/-

Transport Charges per month at Mohan Nagar Branch (IX and above).

Within Municipal limit of Bahadurgarh


Outside  Municipal limit of Bahadurgarh

(Except Daboda Khurd & Dulhera)


Daboda Khurd & Dulhera


Note1) Cash Transaction is not allowed.

2) At the time of Admission, charges can be deposited through cheque / Debit Card / Credit cards. Once the admission is made, username and password shall be conveyed  to the parents on whatsapp for online payment of tuition fee.

3) The tuition fee can be deposited monthly / quarterly as per the convenience of the parents ; in either case it must be submitted  by 15th of the month to avoid any penalty / removal of student  from the class.

4) Cancellation of Admission : Admission fee is refundable in full in case request is made to cancel the admission within one month of the date of admission. If such request is made after one month and upto two months of the date of admission, 50% admission fee is refundable. No refund of admission fee shall be made if the request for cancellation of admission is submitted after two months from the date of admission.