Infrastructure at Vijaya

Every place is good for learning but having classrooms and learning spaces in good conditions is influential for students to achieve the expected academic targets.
Therefore, the conditions of the school directly impacts the performance of the students. In fact, a good school infrastructure improves the attendance and interest of students and teachers in learning. At Vijaya, we feel absolutely certain that the school’s infrastructure is undoubtedly appropriate.

Vijaya serves Comfort:
Vijaya is a comforting place for Students, teachers, and administrators with an adequate temperature, ventilation and lighting with water, electricity, and Internet services, as well as sanitary services. 

Vijaya’s Libraries, information technology, physics and chemistry labs are highly gainful. 

Extracurricular activities at Vijaya:
Assured spaces for the rehearsals and practices, spaces for the development of talents and entertainment, sports, and culture.

Vijaya has a very magnificent infrastructure. The School has its own airy building, a good spacious library, Physics, Maths, Chemistry & Biology Labs, Computer room, and all other infrastructure erected on about 2 acres of land.