Sports & Co-Curricular Activities in vijaya

At Vijaya, we deal with the students just like our family. Along with academics we ensure our students fly high in each field.

Our Students never let us down, regular remarkable performances have been noticed by our students in extracurricular activities. we strongly believe “Participation is a must”.
We have been participating regularly in CBSE Table Tennis Tournament and Inter School Contests under the banner of Sahodaya, The performance by our students was commendable. we have participated thrice in the CBSE Table Tennis National Tournament.
In September, 2018 our TT Team secured second position in CBSE cluster tournament and participated in TT National Tournament held by CBSE in Noida in November, 2018. The performance of our students in the Sahodaya Contest has been encouraging. We have provided all the facilities to the students for Table Tennis, Badminton & Chess. we constantly conduct Various competitions. We make sure students are engaged in the activities frequently.
Our students participate in News Reading, Thought of the day & G.K. Contest regularly in the morning assembly.

We ensure our students are indulged in the activities oftentimes. Students are praised for their academics, sports and basically for every step they take towards their betterment.