At Vijaya, we deal with the students just like our family. Along with academics we ensure our students fly high in each field. Our Students never let us down, regular remarkable performances have been noticed by our students in extracurricular activities. we strongly believe “Participation is a must”. We have been participating regularly in CBSE...
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Every place is good for learning but having classrooms and learning spaces in good conditions is influential for students to achieve the expected academic targets. Therefore, the conditions of the school directly impacts the performance of the students. In fact, a good school infrastructure improves the attendance and interest of students and teachers in learning....
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Vijaya is a great place To learn, To grow and To achieve!Each of these play a significant role in supporting teaching and learning. The library at Vijaya: -Improves student outcomes-Brings people and information together-Ensures attentive learning-Close the education gap With these views in mind, Vijaya’s library holds a different level of greatness. We are trying...
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Not everyone owns a car and for most of the students, school buses are the only available and convenient means of transportation to the school. School buses are the most convenient source of driving students to the school. okk lets see it this way- imagine, the parents of 40 students use their individual cars to...
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